Aalborg Fair 27 – 28 October 2016

Each year the Association of principals Skolelederforeningen organizing educational events for its members. So far, they have hosted a significant number of two-day seminars, attended by more than 1500 principals each year. The topics they cover call for immediate attention, for they are generally delivered by visiting lecturers, invited to talk about various relevant topics concerning education.
Additionally, the event is followed by an exhibition of produces intended to showcase the novelties in the field of school supplies, materials, technology and furniture. One of the prominent companies and our long-time partners, Holmris.Designbrokers, was in the spotlight during the last fair, a highly-visited and talked-about furniture event, for which our company created the complete assortment of furniture. What turned out to be a major success was the SMAK cabinet, presented on that specific occasion; the whole concept was created by SMAK architects, who managed to find and shape a nice and practical solution for educational institutions, such as schools and faculties, our target market.