Company Ergomade helps in organization of the event Days of Cherries

We are proud to announce that Ergomade donated the means for the organization of the event ‘Days of Cherries.’ This occasion is very significant for the municipality of Merosina, and we are proud to say that we contributed to such an important event which cherishes the tradition of fruit-growing in this area. Our company supports this event for years; we assist in the organization of the event itself, as our Ergomade family always aims to endorse and encourage interesting festivities that are ecologically-oriented. We at Ergomade believe that all companies should behave responsibly to the environment. Our company recognizes the importance of similar events; our wish is to help whenever we are able to and to promote the eco-friendly events.

The event ‘Days of Cherries 2016’ was traditionally organized thirteenth year in a row at Oblacina Lake. The organizer of the event is The Public Library of Merosina. The project is realized in collaboration with the Local Municipality of Merosina, the Directorate for building of the municipality and the Ministry Department of Commerce, tourism and telecommunications.
‘Days of Cherries’ is the unique event which in the last few years has become the brand of the municipality of Merosina, as cherries from this area (Oblacina) are famous. More than 5000 people have visited this event, which signifies its touristic importance on the map of Nis region (Serbia).

The aim of this project is the improvement of touristic potential of this area, and nourishment of cultural and spiritual tradition. ‘Days of Cherries’ is touristic and cultural event which focuses on the promotion of the traditional values of this area, promotion of sport and organization of cultural programs for both age groups: children and adults.
Ergomade company always portrays its philanthropic aspects, as it aims to help in the realization of all the well-fare events.