Calfa Wood Bench


Calfa Bench is created for Calfa Wood tables, but with the simple and stylish design it forms an ideal seating solution for almost any meeting and work table. When the bench is combined with metal-framed tables it provides a warmer and softer expression. The bench is available with or without padding, and the massive wood construction ensures a stable and excellent seating comfort.


• Upholstery
• Black stained frame


Frame: 50x50 solid wooden construction – choose between oak and ash
Seat: 28mm table seat with solid edge and laminate or linoleum


Size: 140x40, 180x40, 210x40, 240x40
Height: 45 cm


Base color are not available for this product.

Color for upholster are not available with this model.

Color for linoleum are not available with this model.